BitDefender is clearly making its impact on the Antivirus business, especially when it clearly integrated itself with Windows 10. This antivirus service works hand-in-hand with the Windows security service to facilitate utmost protection to you. When it comes to securing your system from spyware or malware attacks, very few can come close to BitDefender. Their firewall is one of a kind when it comes to preventing any threat from harming your PC.

As a result, the user base of this antivirus is growing with time. Hence, it is becoming too difficult to cater to such a huge user base simultaneously. Here is where we come in.

We provide customer technical support for any and every issue that you face while using BitDefender. When you’re not being able to solve your problems, just connect with our chat assistance and toll-free number. Our services would provide a gradual solution so that you get rid of your anxiety.

With that being said, let’s take a glance at the issues you may encounter while using this antivirus.

BitDefender Problems


  • Inability to install Windows Defender
  • Improper scanning of Windows Defender
  • Antivirus not being supported by Windows
  • No upgrading of BitDefender taking place
  • No execution of the antivirus



  • Inability to scan:

Sometimes it may happen that your BitDefender is unable to clean your PC properly. When this happens, your system becomes much more vulnerable to malware. What you can do is update your antivirus service or format your PC entirely. This would, however, uninstall your antivirus as well. So, kindly think twice while going with the latter measure. Or to be on the safe side, you can connect to our chat-support and live experts on call who work 24*7 just for your technical convenience.


  • Inactive Bitdefender:

There have been several occurrences when the user has failed to install this antivirus on their PC. This condition is much more prevalent on Windows 10. So if you are on the receiving end of this annoyance, just let us know and fix it once-and-for-all.


  • Inability to upgrade BitDefender:

If you’re facing issues while updating your software, you’ve come to the right place. Before updating, check whether or not your connection is stable. Then reassure whether sufficient storage space is there on your system. If everything seems fine and yet the problem persists, just let us know about the situation. We would pull this through in no time.


  • Issues regarding installation on Windows 8:

If you’re a Windows 8 user and you’re unable to install this antivirus, the first option is to change your OS. If you don’t want to, try to reinstall it. You can also format your PC and try again. If none of these works, kindly contact us. Our professionals would provide you a crystal-clear walk-through on how to get rid of the problem.


Our BitDefender Customer Technical Support

This team of ours comprises of highly trained professionals who are thoroughly adept at Cybersecurity and antivirus. Alongside this, they are highly proficient with the issues that occur while installing an antivirus in general. Our technicians would provide a screenshot-based solution where each and every step would be highlighted for your convenience.

But, there are similar other organizations providing the same services. You may be wondering what makes us the best amongst the rest. Well, here’s what:

Our Standout Features


  • Round the clock customer service
  • Best and efficient solutions regarding any problem
  • Diagram based answers
  • Immediate response to your queries
  • Cheapest rates in the customer support market


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