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Crisnina Davis says

Hello, Jack and Naveen Soni:
Hello, Jack and Naveen Soni: It was very nice talking to you. You were very helpful with all of my laptop problems. I thank you for fixing all of them. I also thank you for your kindness and patience when speaking with me, as now you know that I don’t know what I am doing. Howver, with your support I am confident that I will learn how to use this laptop.

Thank you and Bless you!

Debbie Henning says

Excellent tech support

Excellent tech support very friendly and knowlegable Alton.

Norman A Lee says

Great Technical Team
Just a small note, to thank you for all your fine help with my computer problems. Was working with a tech Vicky and she did a fine job on helping me with my problems.

Note: all you people I have had to help are all sharp techs and I know I am in good hands as always.
Thank you all


William Drucker says


Satisfactory Support

I signed up for your program on Sat. Oct 8, with ‘Steve’ (I assume this is his telephone name for American subscribers) and he had asked that I send in some feedback on the process I went through. And so I am doing it. I also called today because of some questions I had and spoke to ‘Nick’. I can say that both experiences have been very favorable for me. Steve gave me a great deal of time and patience with my uncertainties which I appreciated. After him, he turned me over to Soni to do the fixing up of what was a quite infected computer with a couple of pages of “at risk” and “warning!” notations which surely scared me. My estimate is that the whole process took about 4 hours, so maybe I have already received my $300 worth of membership, and I still have almost 2 more years to go. I was told that everything on my computer software has been corrected which is surely comforting. Of course, time will tell if I remain very satisfied, but so far things are quite good, and the price seems very reasonable. On today’s call, Nick, too, was quite helpful and patient for some questions I had. On the first day after I signed up I didn’t see any improvements in my computer,such as with its speed, but today, the second, it seems to be faster. Also, I got a “Not responding” when I turned on Microsoft Word, but today it was okay. Nick did say there can be a buildup over a week or two for corrections to come on, so I shall see.

I can mention some other positive things I have already experienced about your service. My 3 calls to your 800 number have been picked up very promptly. I’m very glad you have a 24/7 service. I’m very glad you have staff whose English is not heavily accented. A significant problem I have found with these overseas service centers is that the accents can make it difficult to understand which can contribute a lot to dissatisfaction. (That the U.S. is losing out on so many things is disturbing, but that is not a topic to go into here.)

Finally, I note in your initial email giving the terms of my subscription with you, it states I will “get the best technical support for One major issue”. That word, “One” (and the ‘O’ was capitalized, no less) did prompt me to call. Nick who told me my coverage was for as many software problems as I will have over these next 2 years with my computer and printer. Assuming he is correct, I would suggest you take out that word ‘One’ and substitute it with something like “as many problems as you have”, and even capitalize the ‘As Many’.

Okay, thank you.



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